Connectivity solutions

Fiberlink Limited offers dedicated high speed Internet access that is an “on all the time" connection and ranges in speed from 1mbps to 100Mbps transfer rate and more. Fiberlink Limited has strategic alliances with premier companies in the country. This alliance is valuable because it provides us a direct connection to its source of Internet connection with unlimited bandwidth. Fiberlink limited will have access space on its premier partners both local and international sites, which will enable the company to guarantee 100% Internet Connection. Having established the relationships and infrastructure, fiberlink limited will continue to search for emerging and existing technologies to improve and expand lines of business.

As advances in technology continue, Fiberlink Limited will upgrade to meet specific objectives of present and future clients. Fiberlink limited plans to respond to market needs by keeping abreast of all new technologies and updates to be first to market using it’s already established lines of business as a market vehicle. Fiberlink Limited will move quickly on plans for next generation products/ services. Utilizing fiber optic, satellite, Wi-Max technologies and proprietary antennas and repeaters, Fiberlink Limited will be able to serve a large area with broadband Internet connections.